What is Stake Exchange?

Ans: Stake Exchange is a business oriented social network.

Who can use Stake Exchange?

Ans: Anyone can join Stake Exchange. The idea is that everyone has some or the other expertise which they can put commercial value to; given they have a platform or a place they can own.

E.g. A Housewife who has expertise in cooking or making cakes and chocolates. She runs the business of selling cakes/ chocolate from home. What if she has a place where she can find somebody to help her? Say, by marketing for her, by partnering in the business or by financing her, helping with distribution etc. Stake Exchange can be a great tool for such people to join and search for a suitable partner.

Similarly, any one from business man to student, from working class to unemployed, from a young professional to Retired person, can join Stake Exchange and search for suitable partner/s.

How to join Stake Exchange?

Ans: You can sign up by creating user ID and password or may use your existing social network credentials (Facebook or Google) i.e. User ID and password to login to Stake Exchange.

What is the next step after joining Stake Exchange?

Ans: Please create your business profile using Business profile section to get started.

What is Business profile?

Ans: This is a key feature. Members who want to engage in business associations of any kind need to create their business profile. Creating business profile helps other members find you as well as helps you search suitable partners on the basis of your needs. It is critical for businesses to enter mandatory fields to make the search option robust.

How can I communicate with other members?

Ans: There are multiple ways for communication. You can use messaging, chatting and sharing posts to connect with other members. Additionally, you can create groups or join other groups. You may also share phone contacts with other members to communicate.

How do I look for prospects after joining Stake Exchange?

Ans: Depending on your requirements, you can search for business partners, Investors, buyers and sellers for your products and services, service providers or any other prospects from the business profiles created on Stake Exchange.

Does stake exchange take responsibility or bind itself to transactions or dealings between investors and investees on the website / platform?

Ans: Stake exchange has no legal or commercial binding on the dealings between parties.

I have a business. How can Stake Exchange help me grow my network or expand my business?

Ans: Once you create your business profile on Stake Exchange network, you are visible to anyone through advanced search. Hence it is critical to provide mandatory inputs. Other than this, Stake Exchange premium plans can be subscribed to enjoy business highlights and advertisement on Stake Exchange platform.

What if I am neither an Investor nor Investee? Can I join as a service provider?

Ans: Anyone providing services whether for fees or otherwise can also join. The basic idea is to allow a single platform for businesses to engage directly with each other. Those who are seekers and those as providers can connect, collaborate and have business engagements. E.g. Insurance / Real Estate agents and their customers, Doctors, Pharmacists and Patients, Tax practitioners and their clients, Stock Brokers etc.

How can I pitch for my new business to Investors?

Ans: Stake Exchange is a unique platform for new businesses. It allows them to create business profile and pitch their business to Investor community. For this, there is option to the user to upload business pitch and share with Investors. Stake Exchange members can also share business ideas and use discussion forums to convert ideas into reality.